What is PALS?

PALS, or Parents Actively Lending Support, is an integral component of the Franklin Academy community. Comprised of parent volunteers, PALS is responsible for organizing various “fun-raiser” or boosters aimed at supporting the school and its families. The funds raised by PALS are crucial in providing financial support for a wide range of school activities including: funding field trips, supporting the Chapel Guild, and organizing teacher appreciaton events. Additionally, PALS contributes to enrichment opportunies that foster a sense of community within the school. By supporting PALS, with time and talent, parents can directly influence and enhance their children’s experiences at Franklin Academy.

Mission Statement:

By embracing the diversity of our school, the mission of Franklin Academy PALS is to connect the home, school, and community, and to enrich every child’s learning experience.

How can I join?

Every parent at Franklin Academy is already a member of PALS. Please browse this website to learn how you can get involved.